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Green waste is not waste. Slide Green waste into life
Our green-waste recycling facility "CompostLap" is at your service. This project has come to life with the aim of creating a better environment

Green waste into life

Dry Leaf
The leaves that dry and fall with the arrival of autumn.
Green Leaf
Leaves that remain green through pruning or shedding.
Tree Branch
Tree branches obtained as a result of pruning and cutting, which will not be burned.
Leaves and garden grass of green plants cut for maintenance purposes.


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Green waste is not waste.


We collect all your green wastes from your garden, be it dry or green leaves or tree branches.
We recycle these into compost so that you can use them again.

Did you know that you could recycle your green waste into compost, instead of letting it waste? Did you know that compost can improve the quantity and quality of crops ?


Compost is a natural product obtained as a result of combining almost all kinds of organic wastes and decomposing them in an oxygenated and humid environment. Compost is used to enrich and regulate the structure of the soil, to be used for agricultural purposes on a large scale or for horticultural crop cultivation. Compost helps sandy soil retain water and nutrients. It loosens tightly-bound particles in clay or silty soil so that roots can spread, water can drain, and air penetrate. What is more, compost does not cause salinization and chemical pollution in the soil like chemical fertilizers; it does not cause accumulation of chemicals in the plant that may be harmful to human health. 

Compost is not a fertilizer. While manure provides the soil with nutrients necessary for the growth of plants, this only ends up benefiting the plants. In contrast, compost feeds the soil. This ensures that any plant grown in this soil will have a better quality, and will be more nutritious. In addition, since compost is made from natural materials, rather than synthetic products, it is better for the environment, and less likely to have a long-term impact on the soil quality and the surrounding area.

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What Do We Do in Compostlap?

What Do We Collect?

Dry or wet tree branch, fallen fresh or dry leaves.

Contact Us To Get Your Green Waste Collected!

If you reach us by separating the wastes included in the scope of green waste, we take them from your address and transform them into soil improvers.

How Do We Turn Green Waste Into Compost?

We obtain compost, a natural product, as a result of combining almost all kinds of green wastes and decomposing them in an oxygenated and humid environment.

How To Buy Our Products

You can purchase compost products, mulch and firewood types to be produced within the scope of recycling green waste by contacting us.


Let's turn your green waste that you decompose into COMPOST.

Compostlap - Compostlap
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